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Custom Prints

Create the perfect print with Danielle's illumination!

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order process


Select an image.

Select one of my illuminated ART photos or upload your own into our form below. If you choose your own image, editing is available if necessary. We will contact you if there is any problems with your image.


Your photo will be custom illuminated.

After we decide together on the perfect custom print for you, the selected image will be printed on archival paper and Danielle will bring it to life with her unique illumination process. Depending on her waiting list, your one-of-a-kind print will take approximatly 2 weeks. You will be contacted directly if your custom may take longer than the expected 2 weeks.


Fill out our form.

Fill out our form and include any details you would like the artist, Danielle, to know. This should include sizing, special requests, etc... Select if you would like your print framed (all prints come matted) 


Enjoy your new artwork!

We will ship your special artwork directly to you or you can pick it up from our studio in Honolulu, HI. Your special piece will be matted, and framed If you desire and ready to place in your home! Now you can enjoy your custom piece for years to come!

It was so neat to see my image come to life with Danielle's special process. It's as if the memory was perfectly captured with extra love and emotion! And the shimmer and texture is stunning!

April Lamar

Design your custom print.

Contact Information

Design Print!

Name of illuminated ART photo (found under the library tab)

Your image (*only if not choosing illuminated ART photo)

Upload File

*Pricing for your custom print can range from $75 to $300 - Specialty sizing may result in additional charge. Pricing will be discussed during the design process. An invoice will be sent upon design completion.

Thank You!

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